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    Maxalt MLT Pharmacological

    Selective agonist of serotonin 5-HT1D-receptor. Thanks to the stimulating effect on these receptors has the opposite effect of migraine.

    Metabolized with the participation of MAO type A.

    Maxalt contains benzoate salt of Rizatriptan, that belongs to the triptan class of drug. Maxalt is a headache medicine. Maxalt work by causing narrowing of arteries and veins that supply blood to the head. Maxalt is used to treat migraine and cluster headaches. You should understand, that Maxalt will treat only a headache that has already begun. Maxalt will not prevent headaches.

    Clinical trials have shown that:

    • • 67% to 77% of patients taking Maxalt feeled ease of migraine pain at 2 hours.
    • • 70% to 73% of patients taking Maxalt feeled ease of menstrual migraine pain at 2 hours.
    • • 65% to 66% of patients taking Maxalt feeled ease of nausea at 2 hours.
    • • Maxalt is effective against other migraine symptoms, such as sensitivity to sound and light.

    Maxalt MLT Indications

    Relief of migraine with aura or without it.

    Maxalt MLT Dosage

    When ingestion of a single dose is 10 mg. If the headache is resumed after relief of the initial attack, Maxalt MLT can be taken again. Daily dose – 30 mg, the interval between doses – at least 2 hours

    Patients receiving propranolol, recommended Maxalt MLT at a dose of 5 mg daily dose – less than 15 mg.

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    The effectiveness of re-admission for the relief of the same attack in the absence of the effect of the initial dose has not been studied in controlled trials.

    Maxalt MLT Side Effects

    CNS and peripheral nervous system: dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, fatigue, headache, decreased mental alertness, insomnia, hyperesthesia, tremor, ataxia, nervousness, disorientation, blurred vision, rarely – fainting.

    Cardio-vascular system: chest pain, palpitations, rarely – arterial hypertension.

    From the digestive system: stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, diarrhea, dyspepsia.

    From the musculoskeletal system: neck pain, stiffness, heaviness and stiffness in muscles, muscular weakness.

    Dermatologic reactions: skin erythema, pruritus, sweating.

    Other: thirst, hot flashes.

    Maxalt MLT Contraindications

    Decompensated hypertension; established CHD, including angina, myocardial infarction, a history of documented asymptomatic coronary artery disease, suspected coronary artery disease, Prinzmetal angina, concurrent therapy or a period of less than 2 weeks after treatment MAO inhibitors, increased sensitivity to rizatriptanu.

    Maxalt MLT Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Adequate and well controlled studies of safety Maxalt MLT during pregnancy has not been so used only if absolutely necessary. Use during lactation is not recommended, because not known whether Maxalt MLT stands with breast milk in humans.

    In experimental studies found no fetotoksicheskogo of Maxalt MLT and the negative impact on fertility. Excreted in breast milk in animals.


    Do not use in patients with basilar or hemiplegic migraine, and atypical for migraine headaches. Maxalt MLT should be used only in patients with established diagnosis of migraine.

    Should not be used simultaneously by other agonists of serotonin 5-HT1D-receptor.

    Patients at risk for coronary heart disease (including hypertension, diabetes, smoking, presence of family history of severe coronary artery disease) before treatment rizatriptanom should undertake a study of the cardiovascular system.

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    Clinical experience with Maxalt MLT in elderly patients is limited.

    Between meals rizatriptana and ergotamine preparations should observe an interval of at least 6 hours

    Rizatriptan can be applied not earlier than 2 weeks after treatment MAO inhibitors.

    Health & Safety rizatriptana in pediatrics has not been studied, so use in patients younger than 18 years is not recommended.

    Drug Interactions Maxalt MLT

    At simultaneous application with agonist of serotonin 5-HT1-receptor is a risk of hyperstimulation of the additive serotonin 5-HT1-receptor.

    In an application with MAO inhibitors may significantly increase the concentration of Maxalt MLT in blood plasma; with nitrates – the risk of coronary artery spasm.

    In an application with propranolol increases the concentration of rizatriptana in blood plasma.

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