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    Cordarone – is the antiarrhythmic medication of the third class. It provides antianginal and antiarrhythmic action.

    Antianginal action is accomplished due to:

    • non-competitive inhibition of alpha-and beta-adrenergic receptors;
    • reduction in myocardial oxygen consumption (this occurs because of deceleration of heart rate, decrease in total peripheral vascular resistance);
    • increase in coronary blood flow by direct action on smooth muscles of arteries;
    • maintain cardiac output by decrease of pressure in the aorta;
    • reducing peripheral resistance.

    Antiarrhythmic effect of the drug Cordarone

    Antiarrhythmic effect of the drug Cordarone is carried out due to increase the third phase of the action potential, this occurs thanks to decrease in the flow of potassium through the channels of cell membranes of cardiomyocytes, as well as reduce the automaticity of sinus node (which in turn leads to bradycardia, which does not respond to the impact of atropine). The drug can non-competitively block the alpha-and beta-adrenergic receptors. Cordarone slows the sinoatrial, node, atrial conduction and at the same time does not effect on the idicators of intraventricular conduction. Cordarone increases the refractory period, and also reduces the excitability of the myocardium, slows conduction of excitation, lengthens refractory period of additional atrioventricular pathways.

    Cordarone does not create a significant negative inotropic effect. Therapeutic effects can be observed after one week (in some cases – from several days to two weeks) after starting taking the medication

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    The pharmacokinetic processes

    After oral, Cordarone is slowly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Its bioavailability ranges from 30 to 80 percent. Cmax in the blood plasma is achieved after taking a single dose after 3-7 hours. During the first days of treatment Cordarone accumulates practically in all tissues, especially in the liver, fat inclusions, lung, and spleen. The excretion of the drug Cordarone from the body is noticed after a few days. Css can be reached within the range of 1 to several months, depending on the individual patient.

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    Buy cordarone without a prescription

    Cordarone should be taken to prevent recurrence of the cases described below. You can order Cordarone online without a prescription, if you have:

    • Life-threatening ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation;
    • Ventricular tachycardia (documented evidences) with clinical manifestations, leading to disability;
    • Supraventricular tachycardia (documented evidences) in patients with cardiac disease;
    • Heart rhythm disturbances at resistance or if there are contraindications to other therapies;
    • Cardiac arrhythmias associated with the syndrome of WPW.

    Also by using Cordarone are treated such diseases as supraventricular tachycardia (documentary evidences) in order to slow the ventricular rhythm or to restore sinus rhythm at atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. Cordarone is recommended to patients with coronary heart disease and / or left ventricular dysfunction.

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    At pregnancy Cordarone is prescribed only for health reasons, as the drug has an effect on the thyroid gland of the fetus. Amiodarone is excreted in breast milk in certain quantities, so the drug should not be used by breastfeeding women during lactation.

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    In which cases Cordarone is contraindicated

    In order to avoid negative consequences, is not recommended taking Cordarone in the following cases:

    • Sinus bradycardia,
    • Sick sinus syndrome (if no cardiac pacemaker)
    • Sinoatrial blockade;
    • Serious breaches of the conductivity (if no cardiac pacemaker)
    • Violation of the thyroid gland,
    • Voncomitantly with drugs that cause ventricular tachycardia of type “pirouette” (these are antiarrhythmic drugs, including drugs of class IA, bepridil, sotalol, and sultoprid, vincamine, erythromycin for intravenous injection and pentamidine for parenteral injection),
    • Pregnancy
    • Lactation
    • Hypersensitivity to iodine and amiodarone.
    • If you have even one of the above cases, it is better to choose for the treatment another drug that will not harm your health. Call our technical support service and qualified specialists will answer all the questions related to the medication Cordarone.