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    All About Norvasc – General Information

    One of the most dangerous and prominent diseases today, especially in first world countries, is hypertension or high blood pressure. This condition can lead to several complications such as caused by the constriction in blood vessels or because of the clogs formed by the fats in the arteries. Hypertension is a major factor that can lead to fatal diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, peripheral artery diseases, irregular heart beat, and chronic kidney diseases. Norvasc, an anti-hypertensive medicine developed by Pfizer, is one of the prescriptive medicines used to relax the arteries and improve blood pressure. Aside from being anti-hypertensive, it is also prescribed to patients who have angina pectoris, a kind of chest pain that is experienced by a person who has a heart lacks blood supply and oxygen.

    Norvasc is Pfizer’s brand name for Amlodipine, a kind of long-acting calcium channel blocker that is meant to treat hypertensive conditions and angina. It may seem a little far-fetched that a calcium channel blocker can be used to treat hypertension, but in fact, the disruption of the movement of calcium in the calcium channels is the most common treatment for hypertension. Like other calcium channel blockers, amlodipine blocks the transmembrane influx of calcium ions into the cardiac muscles of the body. The movement of the calcium ions into the vascular smooth muscles is also blocked by this medication. This process is selective however, in the sense that the blockage is more inclined towards the vascular smooth muscles than at the cardiac muscle cells of the body. This in turn, works by decreasing the tension in the smooth muscles surrounding the arterial walls, which in turn decreases the total peripheral resistance in the circulatory system. As a consequence of this, the blood pressure of the patient will gradually decrease.

    As a form of treatment for angina pectoris, Norvasc works by increasing the blood flow to the heart muscles. This increase in the blood flow allows the body to supply the heart with enough blood and oxygen to resume the normal condition of the heart, and eliminate the chest pain that it delivers.

    There are instances by which Norvasc should not be taken by a person suffering angina or hypertension. These contraindications are when a woman is breast feeding a baby, when the person suffers cardiogenic shock, and when the angina that he is suffering is unstable. This should also not be taken when the patient has aortic valve stenosis, a condition by which the aortic valve of the heart constricts itself and narrows. The vasolidation caused by amlodipine can result in the cardiac activities of such patients, especially when the aortic valve stenosis is already severe. This medication should also not be taken without the advice of a doctor as this might lead to unwanted interactions. For example, patients with severe coronary heart diseases might suffer worse after taking amlodipine because it might cause heart attack. For patients with the same severity, amlodipine might also increase the severity and frequency of angina.

    Norvasc – How It Works and When It Should Not Be Taken

    Norvasc is a long-acting medication that belongs to the family of calcium channel blockers. This is a brand name amlodipine, a long-acting medication designed to decrease high blood pressure and to treat angina pectoris. High blood pressure is a condition where the heart has to work extra hard in order to circulate a normal blood flow. This chronic disease can lead to more serious conditions such as coronary heart disease. On the other hand, angina pectoris is a chest pain caused by the lack of blood supply and oxygen in the heart. Amlodipine works as a blocking the movement of calcium ions in the calcium channels. This relaxes the muscles surrounding the fibrous arterial wall, which decreases the total peripheral resistance of blood circulation, which ultimately decreases blood pressure. As for angina pectoris, Norvasc works by increasing the blood flow that allows the heart to be supplied with enough blood and oxygen to resume its normal state. In order for these effects to take place, the medication has to be taken regularly and a usually long time. Some may even have to take this medicine all throughout their entire lifetime.

    Norvasc has a usually long-lasting effect which is the reason why it is one of the most prescribed medicines in the treatment of high blood pressure. Since it is also used to improve the blood and oxygen supply in the heart for those who have angina pectoris, it can also be said that amlodipine can be used to prevent heart attacks. Make no mistake though because it cannot be used as a food supplement since it can have its consequences if taken without prescription. One of the possible consequences of taking this medicine without prescription is that it can cause hypotension.

    A patient who intends to take amlodipine needs to consult a doctor and be checked-up whether he is prone to severe hypotension. If he is prone to severe hypotension and he took amlodipine, his systolic blood pressure can be decreased to a level below 90mmHg, which will result into an unwanted decrease in blood pressure. Those who have cardiogenic shock should also be cautious in taking this medicine as it may cause them to have negative inotropic effects. This means that, like hypotension, the muscle force of his body, particularly his heart, will be dramatically decreased. This will result in a weaker blood flow that is highly similar to hypotension. Those who have hepatic impairments should also be warned of taking Norvasc. Since this medicine normally undergoes extensive metabolism in the liver, a reduction in the hepatic (liver) function of the body may induce a significant increase in the blood plasma. If one has renal impairment, having adjustments in the dosage in this medicine is not really needed since it is non-dialyzable.

    Ultimately, like what applies to most medicines, taking Norvasc shouldn’t be done on one’s own will alone. The best time to take this medicine is still after consulting a doctor. Also, it is important to inform the doctor of other medicines that you take as they may cause other reactions.

    When and How Norvasc Is Used

    Hypertension is a dangerous disease. It can lead to several complications, most of which are fatal such as stroke and heart attack. When a person has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, one of the medicines that are usually first prescribed is Norvasc. This is because it is a very effective medicine. It works by blocking the flow of calcium ions that can cause the increase the force generated by the circulatory system. This relaxes the smooth muscles in the vascular system which in turn dilates the arteries, whose constriction causes the heart to contract harder than it should, thus the increase in blood pressure. This medicine is also reduces ischemia, a restriction in the blood supply in the body’s tissues that causes a shortage in oxygen and glucose that is needed for cellular survival. The reduction in ischemia is just another consequence in the dilation of the blood vessels and arterial walls. This dilation allows for a greater supply of oxygen and glucose throughout the body which is just what a person suffering angina pectoris needs. It is also known to reduce the constriction of vascular smooth muscles for those who smoke. Now that it has been exhaustedly discussed how this medicine works, it is now time to discuss the dosage information in order to make the most out of its effectiveness.

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    Taking Norvasc is simply just a part of a much wider plan in improving the blood pressure of a patient. This plan can take several years or months and of course, it includes weight control programs, a balanced diet, and regular workout routines. Since it is just a part of a blood pressure improving scheme, taking this medicine is usually prescribed once a day on a regular basis. Although this is the usual prescription, the doctor may also decide to change the prescription to a more frequent or less often dosage, and also with lower dosage in grams. The usual recommendation is to use 5 to 10mg of this everyday, but for starters, the treatment could begin with a lower weight of 2.5 grams. This is also the recommended dosage for those who have possible renal irregularities, since a large dosage of this could lead to a few complications. There is also no need to worry if you ever missed the schedule for your regular dosage. In such cases, all you have to do is to take the dosage as you as you are reminded of missing it. However, if the time that you were reminded of it is considerable close to your supposed next dosage, don’t take the missed dosage anymore – just skip it and don’t take another extra dosage to compensate for the missed one; it will only lead to overdosing.

    As for cases of overdosing Norvasc, this is one thing that you want to avoid. This is because overdosing this medicine could lead into an abnormally low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. This shows symptoms such as nausea, fainting, giddiness, and a feeling of a rapidly pounding heart. In case of overdosing, call for immediate medical attention and inform about its urgency.

    Common Facts About Norvasc

    When a brand of medicine has performed very well, it is inevitable that it becomes an almost household name and before you notice, that medicine has already been available over the counter. One of the fine examples for these cases is Norvasc, a long-acting calcium channel blocking medicine that is used to lower blood pressure and treat angina pectoris. There is not much need to discuss what high blood pressure is but angina pectoris has to be. It is a kind of disease where the lack of supply of blood and oxygen in the heart causes unbearable chest pains. This medication is available in several forms such as the generic type, and the branded ones with several different manufacturers.

    Aside from being available over the counter, it is also a common fact that this medicine can also be bought online. There are already several legitimate websites that distribute this product in different dosages of 10mg, 5mg, and 2.5mg. While this may seem like a convenient solution, purchasing this medicine online is not really a practical move. The main reason for this is that the location of their physical distributors might be far away from your own location, which means that it would take them a very long time to deliver your order right to your door. Purchasing Norvasc online is actually not the only way of purchasing that poses some problems. Actually, the common knowledge that this medicine is available over the counter also poses some risks. Not many people may know this but this medicine actually reacts badly with other medicines that a person is already taking. The list of this medicine includes products such as tizanidine, niacin, simvastatin, itraconazole, and vytorin. With that being given, the problem is that if a person is not aware of it and decided to take Norvasc, he or she might suffer the negative consequences of this medicine’s accessibility.

    Speaking of negative consequences, you might think of side effects. As for the side effects of Norvasc, not all is actually abnormal or gravely dangerous. For example, it is already a common fact to the users of this medicine that one would experience fatigue after taking it. This is because this medicine blocks the movement of the calcium ions in the calcium channel. This blockage causes the arteries to relax, and – if the disease being treated is angina pectora – the movement of the blood’s circulation will increase. This change in the circulatory condition of a person causes the body to use much energy which in turn causes the fatigue. Also, another thing that is common to the users of this medicine is the swelling of the ankles, or other parts of the lower extremities. When this kind of side effect happens to you, you do not really need to worry as it is but normal. This side effect is caused by the accumulation of the fluids that are flowing through your body and it is not really harmful at all. Aside from those two side effects, all others should be given with reported to receive medical attention.

    Possible Side effects of Norvasc

    Norvasc is quite a popular brand of medicine for high blood pressure. In fact, other medicines that are also made to treat the same problem seem to be compared to it as well. After all, this form of amlodipine is quite the usual prescription for lowering blood pressure. As a part of a long-term plan to improve the circulatory condition of a patient, this medicine must be regularly taken along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a weight control program. Since overdosing this medicine can lead to extremely low blood pressures – which is also just as undesirable as hypertension – this medication can be taken in three dosages in 10mg, 5mg, and 2.5mg.

    Norvasc is a brand name for amlodipine. It is a calcium channel blocker whose function allows the vascular smooth muscles to dilate. The same function also allows amlodipine to become a treatment for angina pectoris, a condition where chest pains are experienced due to the lack of supply of blood and oxygen in the heart. As much as this medicine seems to be very effective, there are instances by which the dosage must be watched, else, the patient might suffer a few side effects, to which the extent will depend on how the dosage was done. If one simply follows the doctor’s prescription, which is to take the medicine on a regular basis, he will have no problem and the effects of the medicine could be significantly evident within just a month. In case of missing a dose, there is also no problem as you just simply have to take the missed dose as soon as you remember to, except when the next dose is some 8 to 10 hours after. Overdosing amlodipine is what you really need to avoid as this could be a case for medical emergency. Remember that it is the heart we are talking about. Symptoms of overdosing include nausea, giddiness, a vigorously pounding heart, and even fainting. Once any two of these symptoms appear – or of course when the patient faints – call for medical professionals immediately.

    There are also possible side effects that can be had after taking Norvasc. The most common of all these side effects is the swelling of the ankles. This condition is known as peripheral edema, a swelling of the tissues due to the accumulation of the fluids in the lower limbs of the body. Although known as the most frequent side effect, the occurrence of this to users is reported to be only around 8%. The next most frequent side effect is fatigue which is reported to be present on 4.5% of the users. There is no need to worry about these two side effects as they are not really very serious at all. Other possible side effects are dizziness, dyspepsia, and nausea. There are also more serious side effects from taking this medicine such as tremors, and Steven-Johnson syndrome, so in order to make sure that you are not going to have any of them, consult a doctor first before taking this medicine.

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    Norvasc Success Stories

    How does Norvasc help with high blood pressure? Most doctors recommend this drug for high blood pressure treatment. This is because the drug has been tested by several clinical trials to provide relief from high blood pressure by allowing better blood flow and relieving strain on blood vessels.

    There are several drugs in the market that also provide the same effect that this drug gives to the body. However, there are different experiences that consumers of this drug have when it comes to the effects on their blood pressure and the complications that arose from their use of it. Some have had complications from using the drug, causing them to discontinue their use of it and find another drug that would substitute it.

    Common complaints that are posted in internet forums are the side effects that they have experienced while using it, some of which include muscle pain, cramps, tingling sensations in the extremities, severe depression, migraines, and fatigue. One of the user reviews in an online forum said that after he took this medicine, which was prescribed by his doctor, he had severe muscle spasms and cramps, reaching to the point where he could not walk at all. Because of this, he discontinued use of this drug and switched to another one.

    Of course, there are still fairly many positive reviews about how Norvasc helped them with high blood pressure. Despite the side effects and some experiences from unsatisfied consumers, it is still considered as one of the most recommended drugs for high blood pressure treatment. In another online forum’s discussion board, the drug has been rated by 70 users as having an average high blood pressure treatment success rate of 91%.  Several success stories and good experiences are also posted in the forum.

    Some of the stories included in forums relate the use of this drug to their increased stamina when it comes to sports and exercise. The users found the drug as not only lowering their blood pressure but their continued use resulted in a longer period of time before experiencing any chest pain or fatigue. Some have even stated that they have been able to bike for a longer distance and that they did not experience swelling while using the drug.

    Other user reviews regarding this drug were about the mild yet effective interaction this drug had with the body. A female user rated this drug a 9/10 stating that she and her husband had been taking the drug for about six months and this resulted in a more stable blood pressure, with absolutely no side effects experienced. A middle-aged woman affirmed this result, also rating the drug a 9/10, saying that the stable blood pressure allowed her to work more efficiently. A perfect rating was given by a young man who said that the drug did not interfere with the high doses of steroids that he was also taking.

    Although online resources and reviews are available for your decision-making, it is still best to ask the advice of your physician to determine how Norvasc helps with high blood pressure or which drug is best to use for your condition to avoid side effects and complications.

    The Many Advantages of Buying Norvasc Online

    Norvasc is a popular drug that is used in the treatment of high blood pressure and chest pains. It is a drug that is widely used around the world for mild to severe conditions of high blood pressure. It works by dilating the blood vessels, allowing more blood to pass through them more easily, relieving the pressure on the vessels.

    The world today has evolved into a totally different state than it was before. Industrialization and technology has affected most aspects of daily living including the way we buy from stores such as pharmacies. These changes have made these aspects a lot easier without sacrificing quality. Nowadays, we can order our needed medicines with just a click of the mouse. The general trend that is happening right now is that people who are in need of this drug go to online pharmacies to purchase them. This is because of several reasons, the most common of which is the convenience that the online pharmacies provide.

    Since transactions are made through the internet, all the consumer needs to have with him is a computer and an internet connection. The purchases are made solely online, with the forms and receipts given online as well. Because of this, there is no need for a person to travel to their local pharmacy, thus saving money allotted for fuel, and saving time and energy as well since this is done in the comfort of their own homes. Persons with disabilities or those of old age will also find this method a lot more convenient. Plus, most, if not all, online pharmacies are open 24/7, so there is no need for the consumer to worry if the local pharmacy is already closed since they can order online. They also provide round-the-clock online support through chat and telephone operators.

    Another advantage of buying Norvasc online is the money that you can save. Most online pharmacies provide customers the option to buy in bulk, which in turn gives them a discount in buying. There may be a possibility that consumers can save up to 50% when buying online compared to buying at the local pharmacy. This option can also be used by pharmacy owners themselves since they can save a lot in buying, giving them a chance to earn more.

    Most online pharmacies also provide a lot of things that a potential consumer will find reassuring. The websites provide full information about the drug- its common uses, dosage, possible side effects, and its composition. Their policies when it comes to drug quality and shipping are also indicated in their site. Most online pharmacies indicate the expected time of arrival of their order and if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of the order delivered, some companies provide re-shipping of orders with no additional charge, there are even those that give a full refund.

    Norvasc is just one of the drugs that a person can purchase from an online pharmacy. Although there are many advantages of buying Norvasc online, the consumer has a responsibility to be vigilant in finding quality websites. Always look for drug authority accreditation and asking whether a website is reliable or not from friends and family can also be helpful.

    Norvasc – The Best Solution to High Blood Pressure

    There are several tests which are conducted to determine if a person is suffering from high blood pressure, and if he or she is confirmed to have high blood pressure, several drugs can be used in the treatment, one of these being Norvasc- the best solution to high blood pressure.

    High blood pressure is a condition wherein the force of the blood pushing on the vessels is too high, damaging the vessels and other organs. This condition can lead to heart problems, stroke, and kidney failure if left untreated. In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in every 3 American adults suffer from high blood pressure. Several causes of high blood pressure include high salt diet, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, heredity, and old age.

    Norvasc is considered as the best solution to high blood pressure. It is a drug included in the group Amlodipine which are drugs that act as calcium blockers; a laxative that relaxes the blood vessels, allowing a smoother flow of blood through them which in turn lowers the blood pressure on the vessels. It is basically a calcium channel blocker, a type of medicine that regulates the flow of calcium ions by slowing down the rate at which these ions transfer into the walls of the blood vessels and heart. This regulation allows better blood flow.

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    This drug is considered the best solution to high blood pressure because it is a stable and generally safe medication with little to no side effects experienced, more so if the drug is used according to the doctor’s prescription. According to studies, the most common side effects that a person can experience while taking this drug are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, and slight palpitations. There have been no records so far of severe side effects that are not related to misuse.

    On average, the drug is capable of reducing blood pressure readings of those with mild to moderate blood pressure severity by 12 points on the systolic reading and about 7 points on the diastolic reading. People suffering from angina that are using this drug have been found to be able to exercise longer before experiencing any chest pain. There have also been findings that people suffering from chest pains, gout, and even asthma can experience relief from using this medicine. Artherosclerosis in blood vessels is also found to be slowed down upon taking this drug.

    However, there are several precautions and considerations that a person should disclose to his or her doctor before taking this drug. These precautions include persons with liver failure, pregnant women, mothers who are breast-feeding, alcoholics, allergic reactions towards Amlodipine, large quantities of carbonated drinks and grapefruit juice, and persons with kidney failure and low blood pressure.

    Norvasc is available in 5mg and 10mg tablets, depending on the prescription of your doctor. It is an oral tablet that is usually taken once a day, with or without the intake of food. It should be taken regularly for maximum results and should not be stopped unless your doctor has advised you to do so.

    Purchasing Quality Norvasc

    Is buying Norvasc online safe and secure? The world has changed since the dawn of industrialization. Since the development of past technologies, people have always aimed to make life easier and more comfortable through their discoveries and innovations. Even in the medical field, more techniques and treatment procedures are discovered as time passes. At first, medicines were just being introduced to the public as a means of battling a once severe cause of epidemics. But now, due to the onset of internet connections that connects everything and everyone, drugs are made more available than ever through the presence of online pharmacies.

    Norvasc is known to be one of the most recommended and effective drug for the treatment of high blood pressure. It has been proven safe and effective through many clinical studies. User reviews for this drug has been generally positive. This drug can be found in most local pharmacies, even in online ones.

    Online pharmacies provide consumers the option to purchase their needed medication through the internet. Through accessing the website, they can browse through the available drugs that the company has and after needed procedures for confirming the order, they will receive their order after a set period of time. Using this method of buying has several advantages such as the available option of bulk ordering, discounts, and of course, the convenience that the online pharmacies provide consumers since they do not have to go outside their homes to buy medicine.

    However, there are certain precautions that one must do to confirm if buying Norvasc online is safe and secure. There may be many advantages that consumers may benefit from but there are still risks that can arise from transactions made in this manner. A consumer’s responsibility is to see whether the online pharmacy provides quality drugs or not.

    A preliminary measure that a person can take is to see if the website has an approval from the drug authority or even related health organizations such as the World Health Organization. Some websites feature this accreditation in their main page while others include them in their headers. This approval would assure you that what they offer is regulated and of good quality. Another characteristic that a good online pharmacy should have is completeness of information. They should include all the necessary information of the drugs that they sell so that consumers would be adequately informed about the drug’s composition, dosage, precautions, possible side effects, proper use, and its manner of storage.

    Recommendations from family and friends who use online pharmacies would also help prevent future complications. Consumers can also try to look at forums, blogs, and reviews made by people who have also had experiences using online pharmacies.

    The widespread technological advancements in the world have changed all aspects of life, including that of purchasing Norvasc. Although most online pharmacies are generally safe and provide measures that relieve customer dissatisfaction such as full refunds and re-shipping, consumers should be critical in considering if buying Norvasc online is safe and secure because medication that is faulty or low-quality drugs could cause complications to their illness instead of curing them.

    Norvasc and its Popularity

    The treatment of high blood pressure and angina is just one of the many international and world-wide uses of Norvasc. It belongs to a family of drugs that allow easier blood flow through the regulation of calcium ion flow in the bloodstream. It is a drug that is widely used world-wide mainly in the treatment of such diseases and is marketed in different countries through different pharmaceutical companies.

    Although the drug is composed of the same chemical composition despite different manufacturing companies, its marketing across the world depends on the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it, hence, different prices in different parts of the world. Other factors that vary depending on the decisions made by the company governing the drug are marketing strategies, places where it is being sold and distributed, and the effect it has on the local market. A few examples of the countries that market Norvasc for international and world-wide use include Bangladesh, Thailand, Columbia, Pakistan, India, and Mexico. Another source that people can purchase the drug is the internet, which is becoming a popular option among those who want to save more money and time.

    It is said in recent statistics that 1 out of every 10 persons is suffering from high blood pressure. The number of patients diagnosed with this condition slowly increases as more lifestyle habits are developed by people such as lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. Because of this, more people are in need of medical treatment. Most doctors prefer to prescribe this drug to those suffering from high blood pressure since it is a generally mild one, with almost no side effects when used correctly.

    Sales of this drug are also affirmations of its popularity. In the year 2005, it was estimated that almost $57 billion was spent on world-wide usage of this drug. This resulted in pharmaceutical companies allotting more of their budget to its promotion. In Canada, almost $1.7 billion was spent in promoting this drug to physicians while in the United States; $21 billion was used for the same purpose. On average, pharmaceutical companies spent about $19 billion for its marketing and distribution, with 12.5% to be used in direct to user advertising, 25% in hospital advertising, and 2% on journal and print advertising.

    Being one of the most popular medicines world-wide, Norvasc can be found on almost all aspects related to high blood pressure treatment. A simple Google search with the keyword Norvasc would return around 14,100,000 results with the first few pages related to its information, uses, composition, manufacturers, and how it affects people with high blood pressure and similar cardiovascular diseases. Also present are the online pharmacies that include Norvasc in their stocks.

    There are truly many international and world-wide uses of Norvasc. However, even if the drug is popular to be an effective means of treating high blood pressure, it is always best if we avoid being diagnosed with this condition through proper lifestyle habits and care of our bodies. Useful as Norvasc may be, it is still not a substitute to a healthy body with no complications.